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Ryan Ross - At Your Window.

your voice makes me happy.

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one of my favorite FOB encounter stories is the one where this girl was eating at a restaurant and she was wearing a FOB shirt and she felt someone looking at her so she looked out the glass window she was sitting by and Pete Wentz was on the other side of the glass just staring at her and grinning. 

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save rock and roll + snapchat

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i’m in need of some more bandom blogs to follow! i haven’t been in bandom i guess since the summer of 2011 (god bless) and i am totally into being back in the Emo Party

please reblog this post if you post a lot of any of the following bands and i’ll give you a follow!

  • panic! at the disco
  • magic man
  • walk the moon
  • fall out boy
  • twenty one pilots
  • my chemical romance
  • fun.
  • any other bands really??

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perfect blog✓

"[After Paramore is done] I imagine owning a tiny little café in my hometown and working there every day. I’d clean dishes and feed people, and they’d know I was in Paramore and it was an awesome time in my life, but no one would really give a crap what I’m doing - they’d just wanna eat and have coffee."

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